Welcome to the download section

Here can find various source code as well as executables for Windows and OSX.

Please note:

Recently I have started to reorganize this page,
so that download links for attached source-code and binary-packages are provided in each individual article.

  • But you can still find a complete list of all available links here.
  • The list provided on this page is always up to date and synchronized with all the blog entries.

Naming conventions:

  • Please note: app in the name indicates a binary package for OSX operating system,
  • whereas the *.exe file neame extension is for Windows executables.

Tcl/Tk packages:

I am also maintaining some generic packages which claim to be so called “megawidgets”.
To use the packages for whatever reason is free - you might also refer to the licence information inside each individual package.

Available downloads:

What follows is a comprehensive list of all available software related downloads.

The list is auto-generated every time this site will be updated and re-build, so that the list content always stays in sync with the blog section.

If you’d like to get some more information about each individual topic, I would like to suggest to navigate to the blog section instead.

Installation notes:

The executables available here do non require (complicated) software installation and are designed to run out of the box.

  • Usually, there is only one file (the executable) available which needs to be copied somewhere on the disk - that’s all.

  • Uninstallation is also fairly easy: just remove the executable from the disk and you are done.

    If you are running on a windows operating system it is also a good idea to check the user’s temporary file directory (just type %TEMP% in the file explorer’s top entry dialog) for any tcl/tk related files stored here.
    Of course they can be cleaned up as well.

As the source code is freely available, the software can be recompiled from source or security reasons.
It is also possible to create executables for different operating systems.