file-utility File rename utility

Welcome to the filerename utility


This utility renames all files of a given directory so that the last modified date of each individual file is added as prefix at the very beginning of the filename.

I am pretty sure one can find already tons of software applications out there which support such a functionality (or maybe not). Anyway I needed to bring in some automatism for a task which I otherwise need to do manually.



	demo01.txt  --> 20-03-01_demo01.txt
	demo02.txt  --> 20-03-02_demo01.txt
	demo03.txt  --> 20-03-03_demo01.txt
	                | **date prefix** added by the filerename
	                | utility according to the last modified date
	                | of each individual file

Once files are renamed this way, they can be sorted (same as sort by date) and so the sort order keeps the same throughout the livetime of a file, regardless if the modification time might change in the future or not.


Under windows you can either use the command dialog window to start filerenamer executable with one argument specifying a directory or: just use file explorer to drag and drop a directory onto the filerenamer.exe icon (my prefered option)!

  • Files in the directory which already have the date prefix in the name, are skipped and won’t get renamed a 2nd time.

  • Spaces in filenames are automatically converted to dash char’s.


The actual package can be downloaded directly from the link provided below.

  • The zip file includes the source code and as well a pre-compiled binary for windows.
  • The executeable does not require any additional software or library to be installed.

Name:Size / byte:


(c) 2020, Johann Oberdorfer
This source file is distributed under the BSD license.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
See the BSD License for more details.

Basicly the software is free as air, free to use and free to modify.

Future improvements:

… would be:

  • a graphical dialog with drag&drop capability (like Markdown2Go dialog) which allows to rename not only files but also directories
  • possibility to remove the datum prefix
  • possibility to specify the format of the prefix