ScreenShot Application

Create a screen-shot and copy it as image to the clipboard.
Right now an executable for windows and as well the source code is provided.
The software is published as open source.


This application is basically a proof of concept how complicated it would be to just take the [tcltk-starter-package] ( /blog/2019/08/04/19-08-04_tcltk_starter_package/ ) (available on this site) plus a few support packages (already developed) and glue all together to a small application.

It can also be seen as a programming exercise or as a sample program to study tcl/tk.


There are many other screen-shot applications already available so what is the point in writing another one?

The main difference to all other scree-shot utility programs is that there is a transparent window shown on the screen which stays on-top until the screen-shot is taken. I find this more convenient compared to take a screen-shot with the mouse on the fly. Nevertheless it might be only my preference.

Here is an overview of the features available:

  • Zero installation, just one file which needs to be copied.

  • Current version copies the screen-shot to the clipboard for further usage with an image editor (maybe Paint.exe under windows). It does nothing more and has no editing functionality whatsoever (as this functionality is available in other 3rd party programs).

  • remembers screen position and screen size

  • when creating the screen-shot, a transparent window ( ) appears which is more convenient to manipulate and adjust before the screen area is actually copied.

  • timeout on + topmost setting off allows to screen capture e.g. pull-down menus of a running application - yes (!).

That’s it for the moment.