ASEdit - Source code editor:

Since the development and has literally stopped and some of the packages used by the editor are a bit outdated, I decided to update the code and provide an executable for those of us, who still use this source code editor.

I also use this code occasionally:

  • as a test-bench when developing a tcl/tk package - which was the case e.g. during BWidget development.
  • to get the indentation level right when editing tcl/tk sources,
  • and for some oder good features…

Everyone is invited to put down in the comments suggestions for improvement or even a problem which might have been overseen.

The original source of ASEdit and as well some further information and discussions can be found here:

Main window at a glance:


  • Tcl/Tk 8.x , BWidget IDE allows to edit multiple Tcl files at once, providing
    • syntax highlighting,
    • indentation support,
    • search/replace, unlimited undo/redo,
    • a simple console,
    • fast source code navigation, syntax-check, automatic command completion,
    • on-line help and Tcl testing.

Current version at v3.0b16.


  • ASEdit version v3.0b16 is a bit outdated and shows some oddities with actual tcl/tk 8.6.x release and with the BWidget 1.9.10 package.

  • The ased3.0b16_mod source includes updated support packages plus all the required changes for tcl/tk 8.6 + tile + BWidget 1.9.10.


The software is open source and can be downloaded here, just click on one of the links provided down below.

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