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Hugo Relearn Theme Customization


The HUGO Relearn theme has one outstanding feature as it fully supports file mode, which means that there is no web server required to get access to the web site content.

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CATScript - Questions answered


Questions and answers, all around CATScript programming.

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CATScript - CustomDialogClass


This CATScript shows how to implement a custom dialog window other than MsgBox and InputBox - freely programmable and customizable. The dialog is based on a HTA:Application and in combination with wshell and mshta.exe.

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CATScript - CustomMessenger Class


CATScript OOP programming Object-oriented programming (OOP) is not so frequently used for CATScript macros. This is why I’d like to present some code for a generic OOP class here mainly to see how it looks like and what the benefits and possible drawbacks are.

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Binary Software Packages

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