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Create Markdown Table of Content


Create Markdown Table of Content Purpose A small utility function to create a table of content section at the beginning of a markdown file. Let’s assume the following workflow: Usually I use a text editor (preferable with code highlighting for the markdown syntax) for text-writing.

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Recursive directory listing for Hugo


How to program a recursive directory listing I came across the idea to create a summary page showing all files which are stored in a directiory down below Hugo’s /static folder. Here is a brief description of how such a shortcode could be implemented.

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File rename utility


File rename utility Welcome to the filerename utility Purpose: This utility renames all files of a given directory so that the last modified date of each individual file is added as prefix at the very beginning of the filename. I am pretty sure one can find already tons of software applications out there which support such a functionality (or maybe not).

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Font selection dialog


Font chooser / font selection dialog This is a support package for tcl/tk which implements another kind of font selection dialog (or so called font chooser dialog). Although there are many similar font selection dialogs available, I always wanted to create a dialog which allows to choose a font in a most easy and efficient may.

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