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CATScript - Plane + 'Axis System' objects to no-show


Purpose Catia Macro to automatically select all Plane and ‘Axis System’ geometry and set to no-show. Usage After calling up a CatProduct (in design mode) Planes and ‘Axis System’ objects are shown all over the place (in case they are not hidden in each individual CATPart).

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Tcl/tk HelpViewer widget based on Tkhtml 3.0


HelpViewer - a tcl/tk widget The helpviewer widget represents the core functionality for for the helpviewer application. The functionality is based on Tkhtml3.0 (shared library) and subsequently on the html3widget (tcl/tk source package). Usage: After download, the package might not run out of the box.

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Create Markdown Table of Content


Create Markdown Table of Content A small utility function to create a table of content section at the beginning of a markdown file. Purpose Let’s assume the following work-flow: Usually I use a text editor (preferable with code highlighting for the markdown syntax) for text-writing.

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Recursive directory listing for Hugo


How to program a recursive directory listing I came across the idea to create a summary page showing all files which are stored in a directiory down below Hugo’s /static folder. Here is a brief description of how such a shortcode could be implemented.

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