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Notepad++ "Function List" for CATScript and VBS


Purpose This is how to get the “Function List” in n++ up and running when editing CATScript source code files. I am using the Notepad++ text editor for quite a while and was not aware about the “Function List”, which is quite handy to navigate through the source.

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QLOCKTWO - Javascript Version


QLOCKTWO - Javascript version Build in pure html, css and javascript. No image were used. It supports five languages (english, german, french, italian and spanish) and you can change the color. .full-screen { /* padding: 10px; height: 200px; width: 95%; background-color: #1c87c9; */ } .

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Tcl/tk HelpViewer widget based on Tkhtml 3.0


HelpViewer - a tcl/tk widget The helpviewer widget represents the core functionality for for the helpviewer application. The functionality is based on Tkhtml3.0 (shared library) and subsequently on the html3widget (tcl/tk source package). Usage: After download, the package might not run out of the box.

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Create Markdown Table of Content


Create Markdown Table of Content A small utility function to create a table of content section at the beginning of a markdown file. Purpose Let’s assume the following work-flow: Usually I use a text editor (preferable with code highlighting for the markdown syntax) for text-writing.

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