How to add search to a static site

How to add search to a static site generated with Hugo… … using lunr.js Since version 0.20 Hugo has a build in capability to create a (customized) index file of available markdown documents down below the content directory tree. Once this index file is available, we can use lunr.js - a jquery based javascript - to implement a search functionality. The search result pops up instantly, while the user is typing… - pretty neat!

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ImageFlow for Hugo

ImageFlow for Hugo Hugo is a static site generator, whereas ImageFlow implements a nice interactive image gallery ontop of hugo’s infrastructure. Example: jQuery(document).ready(function() { var instanceOne = new ImageFlow(); instanceOne.init( { ImageFlowID: 'myImageFlow', xStep: 100, opacity: true, slider: true, captions: true, slideshow: true, slideshowAutoplay: true, slideshowSpeed: 4000, startID: 2, onClick: function() { $ { href: this.getAttribute('this.url'), title: this.getAttribute('alt'), } ); } }); });

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