Catia Macro

Delete Empty Part Bodies

Delete Empty Part Bodies A utility CATScript macro for CatiaV5 to clean up a all empty PartBodies in a CATPart. Usage: Assuming that one needs to clean e.g. a CATAllPart from all unneccessary geometry. After the clean operation (by selecting geometry visually on the screen rather than in the object tree) a lot of empty PartBodies might remain. In such a case, executing the macro is much faster than going through the object tree to manually select and delete those empty PartBodies.

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Export All Drawings 2 PDF

Export All Drawings 2 PDF PURPOSE: This utility CATScript macro for CatiaV5 can be used to create PDF documents for all CATDrawing files which are stored in a directory structure. Starting from a given directory, the function recursively searches all sub-directories, trying to find every drawing document down below the directory tree. USAGE: Start Catia and run this macro, (it is not necessary, to load any model). A directory selection dialog pops up and the user is asked to select a directory where to start from.

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Product To Step Export

Product To Step Export Purpose: A CATScript macro for CatiaV5 which allows to export all individual 3D models which belong to the current product to STEP format. Using this macro could be a real time saver, especially if the models are very big, or if there are a lot of 3D models which needs to be exported. Note: You can use show/noshow to specify what components to export. If a component is set to noshow in the product tree, it is not taken into account by the macro.

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