Markdown2Go Markdown: Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers and to create various html documentation in an easy way. What is Markdown2Go ? Let’s you instantly convert ‘markdown’ text files to html. Markdown2Go is an easy to use desktop utility which allows to convert text files from markdown to html. The program includes all required software like the markdown converter itself, plus some more useful packages like the caius extension (with table support) and bootstrap (a frequently used css framework).

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QLOCKTWO Description: Just for fun. When I was walking around for sightseeing, I discovered such a clock in the presentation area of a shop. I thought, this could be a nice fun program to implement with tcl/tk. After a quick search, I discovered that someone else already had the same idea. Pls see here: I just thought, it might be useful, to prepare an executable, so that everyone quickly can give it a trial.

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DirDiff -- Purpose: A directory comparison utility. The program is a combination of dirdiff (directory comparison) as well as tkdiff (file comparison). It depends on the diff command - a unix utility command. For the moment, diff.exe needs to be available in the same directory as dirdiff.exe. If you need support for a different operating system, please use the comment section below. The program is especially usefull:

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