ImageFlow Module for SilverStripe


ImageFlow has been created by Finn Rudolf


ImageFlow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. This means you need the author’s permission to use ImageFlow on commercial websites. The commercial use requires the purchase of a license under:


The module itself is distributed under a BSD license though.


  • Copy the module wherever you like in your source tree (typically down below “mysite”) and unzip it.
  • Run /dev/build?flush=all and … * you are ready to create a CustomImageFlowPage within the cms!

  • After saving the customized page for the 1st time - the configuration parameters for the gallery appears (usual behavior).

  • Specify a CMS folder where your images are available (different image sizes do not matter),

  • if you would like to have transparent shades, you need to ensure, images are *.png files - (reflectionPNG = true),

  • if you would like to have a customized background, you need to change the underlying css…

  • Configuration parameters are pretty self explanatory


In order to get the shading mechanism to work, you need to copy reflect2.php and reflect3.php into your web-root directory! Otherwise you won’t get images with shading.

Both scripts are included in the zip in a sub directory called ‘imageflow’.

– enjoy –

Feedback, suggestions, etc. are welcome!

Feel free to download the silverstripe module from here:

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