• Working with Catia V5, I can support you with:
  • Conceptual design
  • Assembly design
  • Package and DMU analysis
  • Fitting simulations
  • Creation of kinematic models and more...

CAD Services

  • Topics:
  • Surface + solid modeling
  • Part design + development
  • Pattern and tooling design for carbon composite parts
  • Creation of technical drawings and documentations
  • Material / Laminate / Bonding specifications and more...

Software Development

  • Tailored software and modelling techniques for specific needs, related to CAD:
  • Parametric modeling methodologies,
  • Advanced modelling techniques,
  • Usage of user-defined features to manage common standards,
  • Weight management of the overall product.


Carbon composite development, as well as various kinds of mechanical design and development work. Specialized in free form surfacing, my passion is to create lightweight and functional design solutions. Recently I am involved in the design and development of small combustion engines as well as hybrid gearbox development.


Fun with mermaid js


Mermaidjs - Markdownish syntax for generating flowcharts … What is Mermaidjs ? Mermaid is a simple markdown-like script language for generating flowcharts, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, gantt charts and git graphs from text via javascript. Keywords: Simplify documentation and avoid heavy tools.

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Fun With Animated Background Images


Fun with animation… An animated effect can be easily achived with a jquery based script and with 2 more images. The image in front might be a png image with transparent areas, whereas the background image could be a jpg image just showing some colored pattern.

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Yet another Screenshot application


ScreenShot Application Create a screenshot and copy it as image to the clipboard. Right now an executable for windows and as well the source code is provided. The software is published as open source. This application is basicly a proof of concept how complicated it would be to just take the tcltk-starter-package (available on this site) plus a few support packages (already developed) and glue all together to a small application.

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Tcl/tk savedefault package


Tcl/tk savedefault package Purpose: This is probably one of my very first utility package I wrote. So, when attempting to create and design a (hopefully) user friendly graphical user interface (GUI), quite early, the first questions that need to be adressed are:

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Binary Software Packages

Pls. check out, if there is something useful for you.