• Working with Catia V5, I can support you with:
  • Conceptual design
  • Assembly design
  • Package and DMU analysis
  • Fitting simulations
  • Creation of kinematic models and more...

CAD Services

  • Related to CAD modeling, I am capable to do:
  • Surface + solid modeling
  • Part design + development
  • Pattern and tooling design for carbon composite parts
  • Technical drawings and documentation
  • Material / Laminate / Bonding specifications and more...

Software Development

  • There might be still some room for improvement in your CAD office in respect of:
  • Parametric modeling methodologies,
  • Usage of advanced modelling techniques,
  • Usage of user-defined features to manage common standards,
  • Weight control of the overall product.
  • Get in contact to find out whether we can help you out to solve your specific problems.

Engineering services:

Carbon composite development, as well as various kinds of mechanical design and development work. Specialized in free form surfacing, my passion is to create lightweight and functional design solutions. Recently I am involved in the design and development of small combustion engines as well as hybrid gearbox development.

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Recent posts:

During my daily work, I use open source software quite often, so I would also like to share some of my work here. Please check out the blog and download pages, where you can find source code as well as binary executables for various platforms.

Tcl/Tk xtablelist

on 2017-05-05

XTablelist Package Purpose: A TclOO class to extend the fabulous tablelist widget. TclOO naming conventions: public methods - starts with lower case declaration names, whereas private methods - starts with uppercase naming, so we use CamelCase … widget commands: xtablelist::xtablelist xtablelist::configure xtablelist::cget xtablelist::xtablelist understands all commands from original tablelist, for more sub-command refer as well to the public class interface widget options: -xhideoption boolean “yes”,1 / “no”,0 (default: “no”), hide/show a popup-menu which allows to manipulate the tablelist column display

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Tcl/tk BWidget_patch

on 2017-05-04

BWidget_patch Purpose: This package solves some issues with BWidget in conjunction with the ttk widget set. As long as the bugs are not fixed, this package can be used to “overload” original procedures where the problems araise. Usage: A typical initialization sequence might look like: # starkit support sequence: if {[catch { package require starkit if {[starkit::startup] eq "sourced"} { return } }]} { namespace eval ::starkit { if {[set this [info script]] == ""} { set this [info nameofexecutable] } variable topdir [file normalize [file dirname $this]] } } # where to find support packages: lappend auto_path [file join $::starkit::topdir "lib"] package require Tk package require tile # initialize a custom theme (optional): set ctheme "plastik" package require ttk::theme::${ctheme} ttk::setTheme $ctheme package require -exact BWidget 1.

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HelpViewer based on Tkhtml 3.0

on 2017-04-10

HelpViewer Application The HelpViewer is a standalone application to display html files which might be organized in a directory structure. The program is written in tcl/tk and is based on the Tkhtml 3.0 library. When starting the application, a dialog pops up, where you can drag&drop your prefered directory using the file explorer: Features: Once a directory is specified, the program traverses down the tree to search for all available html files.

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ImageFlow for Hugo

on 2017-03-07

ImageFlow for Hugo Hugo is a static site generator, whereas ImageFlow implements a nice interactive image gallery ontop of hugo’s infrastructure. Example: jQuery(document).ready(function() { var instanceOne = new ImageFlow(); instanceOne.init( { ImageFlowID: 'myImageFlow', xStep: 100, opacity: true, slider: true, captions: true, slideshow: true, slideshowAutoplay: true, slideshowSpeed: 4000, startID: 2, onClick: function() { $ { href: this.getAttribute('this.url'), title: this.getAttribute('alt'), } ); } }); });

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Available Blog Posts:

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Name Time Tags Date
Tcl/Tk xtablelist 4 min. programming package 2017-05-05
Tcl/tk BWidget_patch 2 min. programming package 2017-05-04
HelpViewer based on Tkhtml 3.0 3 min. programming package 2017-04-10
ImageFlow for Hugo 2 min. hugostaticsite programming 2017-03-07
Tcl/tk html3widget 3 min. programming package 2017-03-01
Download 2 min. 2017-02-24
Markdown2Go 2 min. application markdown 2016-10-12
QLOCKTWO 1 min. programming application 2016-10-01
DirDiff 3 min. programming application 2015-09-30
Tcl/tk 1 min. programming 2015-08-03
Delete Empty Part Bodies 4 min. catia macro programming 2015-06-04
Export All Drawings 2 PDF 10 min. catia macro programming 2015-06-03
Carbon Composites 1 min. 2011-12-11
Product To Step Export 8 min. catia macro programming 2011-12-11
ImageFlow Module for SilverStripe 2 min. SilverStripe-CMS 2010-09-05
Contact 1 min. 0001-01-01
Impressum 2 min. 0001-01-01

Binary Software Packages

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