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During the whole design and development process, it is important to work in an efficient and productive way. Quite often the use of out of the box software has turned out to be not sufficient enough. In most cases there is a need for customized software solutions - to ensure there is no waste of time and to boost productivity.

HelpViewer based on Tkhtml 3.0

on April 10, 2017

HelpViewer Application The HelpViewer is a standalone application to display html files which might be organized in a directory structure. The program is written in tcl/tk and is based on the Tkhtml 3.0 library. When starting the application, a dialog pops up, where you can drag&drop your prefered directory using the file explorer: Features: Once a directory is specified, the program traverses down the tree to search for all available html files.

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Tcl/tk html3widget

on March 1, 2017

html3widget - a tcl/tk megawidget Purpose: The html3widget is a tcl/tk package which implements a megawidget to render html + css. The code is based on Tkhtml3.0 and as well HV3 which (for the moment) is not actively developed, but still offers a solid base to render html including css support. The following picture illustrates of how a html file with underlying css bootstrap3.xx framework might look like: The package might be used to implement an internal help viewer (for an application) in an easy way.

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on October 12, 2016

Markdown2Go Markdown: Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers and to create various html documentation in an easy way. What is Markdown2Go ? Let’s you instantly convert ‘markdown’ text files to html. Markdown2Go is an easy to use desktop utility which allows to convert text files from markdown to html. The program includes all required software like the markdown converter itself, plus some more useful packages like the caius extension (with table support) and bootstrap (a frequently used css framework).

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on October 1, 2016

QLOCKTWO Description: Just for fun. When I was walking around for sightseeing, I discovered such a clock in the presentation area of a shop. I thought, this could be a nice fun program to implement with tcl/tk. After a quick search, I discovered that someone else already had the same idea. Pls see here: I just thought, it might be useful, to prepare an executable, so that everyone quickly can give it a trial.

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Engineering services I can provide to customers:

Carbon composite part development, as well as various kinds of mechanical design and development work. Specialized in free form surfacing, my passion is to create lightweight and functional design solutions.

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  • Working with Catia V5, we can support you with:
  • Conceptual design
  • Assembly design
  • Package and DMU analysis
  • Fitting simulations
  • Creation of kinematic models and more...

CAD Services

  • Related to CAD modeling, we are capable to do:
  • Surface + solid modeling
  • Part design + development
  • Pattern and tooling design for composite parts
  • Technical drawings and documentation
  • Material / Laminate / Bonding specifications and more...

Software Development

  • There might be still some room for improvement in your CAD office in respect of:
  • Parametric modeling methodologies,
  • Usage of advanced modelling techniques,
  • Usage of user-defined features to manage common standards,
  • Weight control of the overall product.
  • Get in contact to find out whether we can help you out to solve your specific problems.

Binary Software Packages

Pls. check out, if there is something useful for you.